Bursary funding

(Please note, this information is correct up until August 2017- further changes may be made by the government)

The Sixth Form has funding available for students in financial hardship. This funding is intended to ensure students can achieve and be successful in their academic courses and to remove financial barriers to participation.

There are two specific funds available.


This is intended for the following students:

  1. Young people who are in care
  2. Young people who are care leavers
  3. Young people who receive Income Support or the equivalent Universal Credit in their own right.
  4. Disabled young people who receive both Disability Living Allowance (or the new Personal Independence Payments) and Employment Support Allowance (or Universal Credit as a replacement for ESA) in their own right Young people in these defined vulnerable groups are eligible for a bursary of £1,200.


This is intended for students in financial hardship. The finances can be used for transport, books, equipment, meals and fieldtrips. The school assesses the need of students, using the following evidence submitted as part of the application:

  1. Household Income as evidenced by P60/Tax Credit Award Notice
  2. Receipt of, and eligibility for, Free School Meals Other evidence is also taken into account, such as:
  3. Numbers of dependent children within the family home
  4. Details of a young person’s responsibility to provide care to a sick or disabled relative 5. Letters from external agencies. These are used to assess the overall level of need across the Sixth Form and to distribute resources accordingly. Allocation of full funds will be made on the basis of meeting the following agreed conditions: – that students’ attendance is equal to, or above 96% – that students have an unauthorised absence rate of 0% – that students are punctual to school and lessons each day – that students meet the expectations of submission of academic work – that students’ behaviour meets the standards expected of them Where appropriate, the school will make payments in kind (for example by buying books and equipment for students) to ensure value for money. Students applying for regular payment of bursaries will need to evidence the details of their bank account which must be held in their name. Students may also be asked across the school year for evidence that confirms their continued need. Where false or incomplete information is suspected, the school will investigate take appropriate action.
Bursary Policy