Information for Parents

Entry to Bohunt Sixth Form for September 2020
Code of Conduct

As a member of Bohunt Sixth Form you have certain privileges. Privileges include having private study periods, sole use of Sixth Form facilities, greater access to other school facilities and outdoor areas, unlimited access to careers advice, a café, more autonomy about how you use your time and freedom to go off site at designated free times. However, with privileges come responsibilities and duties. You play a vital role within school and beyond as role models and as leaders. You are looked up to by the younger members of our community and are expected to set the right example at all times. There are occasions when you are required to take on ambassadorial roles and you do so with charm and good humour. In the Sixth Form you are expected:

  • To conduct yourself with integrity and dignity, serving as role models to younger students;
  • To treat all students, staff, visitors and local residents with respect and consideration;
  • To be dressed in accordance with the Sixth Form dress code;
  • To participate fully in lessons, private study periods, enrichment activities and community service;
  • To complete all work set by the agreed deadlines and develop independent study skills;
  • To maintain the highest possible level of attendance and punctuality at all relevant school activities;
  • To follow the Sixth Form procedures for registering and to inform the school of any absence at the earliest opportunity;
  • To take care of the school buildings, resources, equipment and environment, and act in a safe manner at all times;
  • To abide by the regulations relating to conduct of examinations and the submission of coursework for assessment;
  • Not to bring cigarettes, alcohol or illegal substances onto the school site; As with all schools, Bohunt is a NON SMOKING site.
  • You must inform the Sixth Form of any absences known in advance
  • You must ring the Sixth Form Administrator by 9.00am or make contact via email: on any day of sickness. If an illness is likely to last for a number of days, a parent should inform the Sixth Form Administrator, by letter, email or telephone. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THIS HAPPENS.
  • If absences become regular, contact from home will be required on all occasions.
  • Driving lessons and paid work must not be booked in study period time
  • For 16 – 19 Bursary Fund students, extra conditions apply, outlined in the agreement document.
  • Should your attendance fall below 90%, without acceptable cause, the school reserves the right to ask parents to pay the entry fees for your examinations.
  • Prompt arrival at lessons is expected. Teaching staff may refuse entry if you arrive more than five minutes after the start of the lesson, unless there is good reason.
Dress Code

Students need to dress appropriately and sensibly for school. Please note in particular guidelines about vest tops and skirt/shorts length. Clothing must be suitable for a working environment where younger students are required to adhere to uniform codes.

The Sixth Form is a place of work and part of the wider school community therefore students need to ensure that they dress appropriately. Some guidelines to assist you are listed below:

  • No offensive logos should be worn.
  • Skirts/shorts must be no more than 10cm above the knee.
  • Underwear must not be on display.
  • Aggressive/ severe body piercing and tattoos must not be visible.
  • If strappy/strapless tops are worn shoulders must be covered in class/USIC.
  • Outlandish hairstyles must be avoided.
  • Excessive amounts of flesh must not be on display.
  • Midriffs must be covered
Trips and Visits
BET Complaints
Guidance and Provider Access